we caught eyes at the underpass   the stores dont run the sales like they used to   everything comes late   my friends keep their messes in small piles   the neighbors dog had a change of heart   comfort in light brown pages   we watched the same thing   i am tired of all the reunions   swimming pools arent safe anymore   the bad guys are rich again   they heard me through the wall   the door never felt so heavy   sandbags melting like ice   heroes falling through floorboards   traveling is still dangerous   feet stained by concrete   i hired a few more architects   iron deficiency   airplane orchestra   market stalls growing by the hour   swear i died but that must have just been my hands in my pocket looking for something soft   things go back to oil   jello nightmare   radio calls at 2am   those confessions never work out   carpet stacks off the highway   it has been a long time  long sentences are up   tank tops expired again   watching it go right past   we thought about getting another computer   the picture in the lobby keeps changing   food coloring makes my eyes green   nobody uses ink pens   friction is overrated   screens dont work like they used to   i forgot my bag in that pit of quicksand   help me help you   we could never agree with the flavor of week old sky